Rhys Wallace

Product Designer — currently building the future of business finance at Qonto.

With 5+ years of experience, I previously built sales tools at Sweet Show, led the redesign of Nantes’ official transit app, developed information design at Capgemini, and designed products at Kappa.


Tan Transit App

Lead PRODUCT designer • 2020

Building a new companion app for 400,000+ daily trips around the city.

Sweet Show

PRODUCT designer & marketer • 2021

Designing and growing tools for effective sales teams, while building an entirely new product, with an entirely new strategy.

Hi, I'm Rhys

I'm an English product designer based across Nantes and Paris

I spend my days building banking and finance tools for freelancers and businesses at Qonto.

Before that, I built tools for highly-effective sales teams at Sweet Show, and led the redesign project for the Nantes transit app, Tan, where we rebuilt the way 100,000+ people interact with the city’s transport network every day.

Before Tan, I designed footwear products at international clothing brand Kappa, and interned at Capgemini, designing digital and physical experiences internally at the company.

I received a Bachelor’s degree in visual communication design from MJM Nantes, then went on to obtain a diploma in product marketing with a focus in growth strategy from the University of California, Berkeley.

Alongside design, I’m passionately curious about economics, corporate finance, and business strategy. I (too occasionally) explore these topics in the context of current events on my blog, This Too Shall Pass. I’m an avid reader in these fields — I like to keep a list of the books I’m reading and some brief thoughts about them on my Bookshelf page!

I’m particularly interested in how design — in all its forms — can help shape these fields, bringing better financial tools to everyday people, and de-mystifying the complex world of finance and business.

To explore new opportunities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!


My focus revolves around solving problems through product design and management, and bringing the solution to new audiences.

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Product Designer

jan. 2022 – Present

Sweet Show

Product Marketing Manager

jun. 2020 – nov. 2021


Lead Product Designer - Freelance

sep. 2018 – may. 2020

Kappa France

Product Designer

jul. 2018 – jul. 2019


Visual Designer - Freelance

aug. 2018 – jul. 2019

Sogeti - Capgemini

Visual Designer

mar. 2018 – jun. 2018


Interested in working together? Don't hesitate to get in touch!

You can always reach me at contact@rhyswallace.co

Currently based in France